The IPU (In-Patient Unit) is the corner stone of Philanjalo and serves as a step down facility to the DOH’s (Department Of Health) Church Of Scotland Hospital (COSH). The Unit is made of six wards, two for the male patients and four for the female patients, all the under the care of twenty four members of stuff working around the clock. The staff is made of;

A Professional Nurse

Manages the In-Patient Unit

§  A Medical Officer
Does rounds on each patient and monitors progress

§ Enrolled Nurses
Facilitate Oral Medication, ordering Diet and administering Intramuscular Injections

§ Enrolled Nursing Assistants
Carry out taking of vital signs, giving health education and changing patient positions to avoid pressure sores. They work hand-in-hand with care givers

§ Care Givers
Give health education, spiritual and emotional care, bed making, damp dusting, feeding, changing patient positions, nappy changing and treatment of pressure sores.

§ General Assistants
Carry out cleaning of wards, washing of patient linen, collection and distribution of sustenance

Some of the patient the In-Patient Unit takes care of are transferred from the Church Of Scotland Hospital, while others are referrals from health clinics and direct patients admitted from the community. All these patients suffer from at least or more of terminal disease such as cancer, HIV and  TB. These terminal disease usually attract opportunistic disease, among the list is diarrhoea and vomiting, malnutrition, weight loss, fever, eating disorder, energy loss and other side effects resulting from the intake of terminal disease treatment.

Philanjalo undertakes to provide a comfortable and healthy environment providing palliative care to these patients. The palliative care include but is not limited to;

§ Bed Bathing

§ Changing of Positions to prevent pressure sores

§ Feeding

§ Mouth Toileting

§  Counselling

§ Treatment Adherence

§ Home follow ups

Friends and family are encouraged to visit patients any time of the day, helping patients to not feel to not feel isolated and stigmatized. This opportunity is also used to educate the friends and family on basic palliative care and health education provided by Philanjalo, to help them better understand and practice this, when the patients are finally returned home. Patients who are ready to be discharged are handed over to the Home Based Care (HBC) Unit, which works hand-in-hand with the Directory Observed Team (DOT), to facilitate smooth transition back into the community and to provide support and monitoring, to maintain health and well-being.

2011 In-Patient Unit (IPU).
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