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Since 2003 Philanjalo has been presenting scientific research at major international conferences (e.g. Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Durban, Toronto, Denver, and Cape Town).Often our research has been in collaboration with other organizations, such as TF Cares, and the South African DOH (Department Of Health). The focus of the Research Department is Operational Research within UMsinga sub-District of UMzinyathi. In the last decade, we have conducted multiple research projects studying TB and HIV. Most of these projects have focused on drug-resistant TB and TB/HIV co-infection.  Our goal is to develop innovative strategies to mitigate the impact of HIV and TB on our community, by focusing on early diagnosis and strategies to enhance management of both diseases. We put strong emphasis on integrating HIV and TB services and obtaining evidence of the success of our interventions. Currently, we are implementing an ICF (Intensive Case Finding) service, for TB and HIV, and evaluating best practice model. We are initiating several projects related to ICF, as well.  The research department is divided into two teams;

  • Screening Team
  • Follow up Team

all working together an evaluation of patient outcomes, following their screening at various community congregate settings and consequent referral to local clinics for necessary care related to their TB or HIV status. We are also evaluating the cost-effectiveness and the impact of these interventions.

Additionally, we are evaluating a rapid point of care CD4 analyzer (PIMA), to assess its utility in our rural setting and are preparing another evaluation study for GenExpert, which will soon be implemented locally.  Furthermore, we are developing a project to expand implementation of TB IPT (INH Preventative Therapy). We partner with the Yale University School of Medicine and collaborate with UMzinyathi District Health Office and also implement our projects in close partnership with our community and other local stakeholders.

2011 ICF (Intensive Case Finding).
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